Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Herbal Oil - Minyak Mak Wan (Traditional Ointment)

Using traditional recipe from the past 100 years, Mak Wan's traditional oitment is well known to the Terengganu people. With their good track record, and new factory's higher capacity, Minyak Mak Wan is ready for the export market. To capture similar culture, their next destination is the Brunei market. Due to similar tradition, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia are also suitable countries for next export market.

Mak Wan Traditional Oitments also posses:
Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP)
Ministry of Health Malaysia Approval
Halal Certification

- Minyak Akar Kayu Pak Ali
- Minyak Ramuan Dhab
- Minyak Kembar
- Minyak Akar-Akar Kayu
- Minyak Warisan Pak Ali

Koleksi Idaman Wanita
No. 28, Bangunan SEDC
Pekan Batu Enam
21200, Kuala Terengganu
Tel: 09 - 666 1832

Interested Export Market
- Brunei
- Singapore

Attached is some brochures:.

Mak Wan is in the middle.

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